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Open school in Delhi.

Open School in Delhi



Open School in India is an organization run by the Ministry of  human resources Government of India. It was formed with an objective to develop ODL that is Open Distance learning for Pre degree levels for students unable to join the regular schooling or unable to get education. The main Mission of Open school is to Provide an opportunity to illiterate children to complete Pre degree courses of class 10th and class 12th so that these students can take admission in  job oriented degree courses. Therefore it is right to say that the programs started by Open school in India for Open basic education to every one is the successful program which is helping to increase the literacy rate. The number of students taking admission in class 10th and class 12th is increasing very sharply due to easy admission process and easy study.Open School in Delhi works for students living in Delhi area. Thousands of students every year apply for admission in 10th class and 12th class.

Open School Admission in Delhi - Kapoor Study Circle

Open School Admission in Delhi is very helpful to students and young children living in Delhi who are unable to join the regular schooling but want to get educated. Also those regular school going students living in Delhi who are unable to qualify school exams due to lower performance can Also apply for admission. Students. The first time learner Without any schooling or school fail or left out students in 9th class can Apply for Open School in Delhi for 10th Class Admission. All the students who are 10th passed either from Open School or from any recognized board in India can apply for 12th from Open School. Delhi is the capital city of India having a population of two crores. Delhi has a total area of 1484 square kilometer. It is divided into 11 Districts according to the geographical and historical situation. As it is highly dense and in have a large area therefore the students cannot move far for Open school admission and coaching classes. Generally students tries to search for Open School Near me so that they can take admission and classes easily near their residence or work place. If they find a good reputed center than it is very easy them to fill the Open school form and join the coaching classes. 

Open School admission Centers in Different areas of  Delhi 

Generally the students in Delhi search for Open School Admission according to the directions where they live like students living in the east Delhi area try to search for  Open school in east Delhi 
so that they can find some place in their area for admission guidance and coaching classes. Students lining in this part of east Delhi also search for specific areas like Open School in Laxmi nagar, Shakar pur, Nirman Vihar, Patparganj, Anand vihar or Preet vihar in East Delhi. Students can find a number of institutions working in east Delhi area for admission and coaching classes but they must choose the right one where they can get the best uncompelling and guidance according to their requirements and have the good qualified teachers for coaching classes.


Same is the case for students living in North Delhi area. Here also the students looking for open school education for class 10th and class12th with Open School in North Delhi. The Students go for Open School in GTB Nagar, Model town, Kingsway camp as these areas are now a days an education hub for youngsters. Rohini Zone in North west Delhi is the newly developed highly dense populated area. Major Part of this area includes middle class, higher middle class and lower class of families. Although there are many schools in this area but either due to the higher school dropout rate or school failures rate more students are looking for Open School in Rohini, Pitampura, Shalimar Bagh, Saraswati vihar.
 West Delhi area in Delhi is spread over 129 square kilometers and have a number of popular places. here also mainly students search for Open School in Rohini, Pitampura, Punjabi bagh, Raja Garden, Rani Bagh. All these areas have good school but again it is a problem for students who are school fail or school dropouts to continue their education from these schools. There are another areas in west Delhi where a major part of west Delhi population lives. These areas are Janakpuri, Dwarka, Vikas Puri, Tilak Nagar Raja garden and Tilak nagar. Students can find good institutes for Open school studies here with Open School in janakpuri, Vikas Puri, Tilak Nagar Raja garden and Tilak nagar. The Popularity of Open schooling education is increasing day by day among students as its curricula is easy and students can easily understand it. Also there is no burden of regular schooling on students as a result the study according to their schedule and time. so it is advisable to all the persons unable to complete school education to join the Open schooling and call the literate person

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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Open school admission in Delhi

Open School Admission 2021-2022 in Delhi

Open School admission

Education is direly necessary for the young ones to become respected citizens of a country. Otherwise, they will be a burden to the whole country, since they cannot contribute anything to the nation, as their part. The immortal Greek Wizard Aristotle has announced to the world that “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”
What he wants to impress is Students may find it hard to acquire knowledge and wisdom, by going to school regularly. But if they receive the proper education, it will help them a lot in establishing a life of their own, to be respected by their parents, relatives, and friends. Thus they can enjoy the fruits of education, however difficult it is for them to get educated.

Why Open school is Necessary?

What are the difficulties young ones face in acquiring proper education? Well – the family circumstances of poverty are the leading reason. At an age when the children are expected to go to school and study the Lessons. They are forced to do some job and earn money for the family.
In such situations, the young ones reluctantly forego their education and go in search of any job, however small it may be, to earn something.
There is another difficulty for some others also. Due to the impoverished family background and illiterate parents, etc., these Students do not possess the required intelligence, to pursue their studies. As a result, they become unsuccessful in passing the lower Classes in School. There are thousands of such students who drop out of the very habit of going to school after that.
But when seeing the opportunities and social respect available for educated persons. These Students at a later stage regret their misfortune, in not even obtaining Secondary or Senior Secondary Certificates. Yet they can never enter any Regular Schools again, and study School Final Courses.
To help these unfortunate Students in India, the Government has devised the concept of Open school Admission. Accordingly, the Education Department has opened Schools in India, under the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).
Open School in Delhi

Open School in Delhi Courses Eligibility For 10th, 12th

Students who aspire to study Secondary Course 10th Standard and senior Secondary Course 12th Class can apply for Open School 12th Admission and Open School 10th Admission, with flexibility in eligibility criteria.
If the Candidate never got any formal education but completed the age of 14 years, they can get Open school Admission in 10th Standard. Only an Identity Document Aadhar card with complete date of birth is needed for 10th class admission in Open School.
For Open School 12th Admission the students who have passed only 10th Standard earlier can straight away get admitted to 12th Standard. Address Proof of student or parents is mandatory for students.
Under this Open School System, the Students need not attend regular Schools but study the Courses through Correspondence Mode. They can study from home in their leisure time.
Better still, they can approach experienced expert Educational Institutions in Delhi and get necessary guidance in this regard. Their professionals will be ever-ready to help these Candidates to get Admission in the appropriate Course, conducted by the Open School in Delhi.
They will take care of everything concerned with the Admission Process, which is conducted online, and get Admit Card for studying the respective Course.
Not only that – these Institutions conduct Special Coaching Classes in the mornings, evenings, and on holidays, to sharpen the skills of these Students in all the related Subjects. Thus it is easier for these students to fulfill their ambition of achieving School Final Certificates through the Open School in Delhi.
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Monday, February 10, 2020

Open School 12th Admission – a rare chance you cannot miss if you want to succeed in life!

Open school Admission

School life is the starting point for anyone towards setting up their career. The attitude at this age must be to go forward always and never let up. In this context, the English Scholar Cornard Hall motivates a Student thus, "You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward". This means a student must have the urge to go forward, irrespective of the hurdles faced and stumbling blocks put on their path, by circumstances. The aim should be very staunch to obtain Higher Secondary School Certificate, the passport to higher studies, as well as other employment opportunities.
Open school
So you should have a determination to achieve this goal by hook or crook. Unlike the olden days, there are ample opportunities for students now to safely go forward and accomplish their aim. The best example is the 12th Open School Admission.
Once upon a time in India, a Student was needed only to pass Secondary School Leaving Course that is 10th Class. On passing this Course at High School, the Student will be given a Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC). This Certificate was enough to seek employment, as many organizations, including the Government Sector, offered the job for those who have passed SSLC.  Two more Classes have been added now, namely 11th Class and 12th Class in High School if a person has to join any College or University, or even considered for Technical Courses.
In this changed scenario, a Student joining High School at 6th Class can study through to pass 12th Class straight away. But if they are not successful in lower classes like 9th or 11th Class, they will be sent out and denied the chance to study 12th Class.
Open school Admission
Open School Admission Class 12th is the concept, which is to provide one more opportunity for Students and enable them to pass 12th Class. In this Open School 12th Admission, those who have passed only 10th Class and those who were not successful in 11th Class can get direct admission to the 12th class.
They can study through Correspondence Course at their home if they are employed somewhere. They need to appear for the Final Exam held every Academic Year and pass by getting credible marks to clinch the Higher Secondary Certificate.
Once they get this Certificate, the future is wide open to them, to choose the right path – be it Collegiate Education; any Technical Course which is job-oriented; or even try for employment in Public and Private Sector made available them. The choice is theirs.

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Open school Admission last date 


Friday, February 8, 2019

Open School Delhi Admission form Class 10th 12th 2021-2022



All of us have come across High School Studies. Just recall those School days. How difficult it was when we had to prepare for the Exams of Class 10th or 12th and how we were fearful of crossing those landmarks of Secondary and Senior Secondary Courses? But Students of today are fortunate enough, not to undergo all those ordeals any more. Yes - OPEN SCHOOL for Class 10th and 12th Admission has nullified those difficulties and opened up new vistas and avenues by their flexibility With National Open School. This is a Board under education Department Government of India Equivalent to Othe state board or central boards.

 Open School Admission Opportunity By Open Board For Open10 And Open 12

 As of now, Students can avail the excellent opportunity offered by the National Open School Board. Those Students who fail in 9th Class can directly join Open School 10th Class Admission; Also all School dropouts in lower classes can get Open School Admission in 10th Class for Open 10.
Similarly, It saves the Important year of students fail in 11th Class as these students instead of repeating the same class can Directly Apply for Open School Admission for 12th. Also the students who left School after passing 10th Class can join the Senior Secondary Course of 12th class. No denials, no heart-breaks and no more gloomy thoughts about the future.

National Open School Admission - Utmost Flexibility for studying Class 10th or Class 12th:

In Open School Admission, Students need not to attend regular School. They can Study the Course Subjects at home as also take Private Tuition according to their convenience. It saves the time of students. Also it is most convenient for those employed persons, who wish to study part-time. Hence it is right to say that Open schooling is helping to reduce the illiteracy in India and helping students to once again start their education.

Future becomes bright after Passing class 10th or 12th from Open School.

The Secondary and Senior Secondary Course Certificates are vital in everyone’s life. If the person holds them in their hand, they can choose a variety of options for building their future career.
They can study further in Colleges and Universities. Take up any Technical Courses in various fields, and get good employment or own business. They can settle in life happily and bring forth happiness to their parents and relatives at the same time.
Consider all the above benefits available in Open School Delhi Admission for Class 10th and 12th. It is advisable for all working persons, school fail and left out students to Act fast!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Open School Admission

New admission for class 10th and 12th for 2021-2022 session for  Open school Admission have started all the students failed in class 9th or 11th can fill the form and take direct admission in class 10th or 12th.
if you are a student fail in class 9th or 11th and instead of wasting a precious year you want direct admission in class 10th or 12th than open school admission for class 10th or 12th is the best option option.
kapoor study circle in Delhi is the oldest most popular and trusted institute working for fail students for Open school Admission class 10th  and open school admission class 12th 
you can also join the coaching classes for 10th & 12th.

Open school in Delhi.

Open School in Delhi   Open School in India is an organization run by the Ministry of  human resources Government of India. It was...